Fresh Car Air Freshener

Ideal for keeping your car smelling great, as well as your house, office… anywhere you can think!



FRESH Car Air Freshener 

Bottle with Sprayer

Fresh Car Air Freshener – Highly effective Odour Neutralising Deodoriser

Our specially formulated air freshener doesn’t just mask odour, like conventional air fresheners, it completely eliminates them, leaving a long lasting fresh fragrance.

If you struggle with odour in your car you will absolutely love this product! Perhaps you are a pet owner who regularly takes you animals in the car? Or you are a sports lover who has smelly equipment and sports kits lying around in the car and creating bad smells?

Fear no more, our air freshener has you covered! With a few sprays of the odour neutralising formulation, bad smells are gone and all that remains is the fresh fragrance! This Air Freshener is the perfect size to keep in your car to, which ensures your car will never smell bad again!

Perfect For: Car Seats, Roof Linings, Carpets and Boot Covers. All this along with being completely safe on all surfaces.

100% Biodegradable product

Usage Precautions

Please be aware that this air freshener can be an irritant.

If it enters the eyes, please rinse well with water for at least ten minutes. If further irritation occurs then please seek medical attention.

If the product is ingested, please rinse the mouth with water for at least ten minutes. DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING. Seek medical attention if pain occurs.

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