Scale Buster Limescale Remover

A great multi-purpose product which will help you deal with the problems of scale.



Scale Buster

Limescale Remover

This limescale cleaner is long lasting and high quality, used by individuals for home use and for cleaning the shower heads of entire hotels.


1 Litre: 20 Kettle treatments
5 Litre: 100 Kettle treatments
10 Litre: 200 Kettle treatments
20 Litre: 400 Kettle treatments

SCALE BUSTER Blasts scale into oblivion.

Advanced formula to break down the molecular structure of the limescale, dissolving even the heaviest of deposits which may have built up over time.


Suitable for a very wide range of appliances, and here’s just some of them!

Shower Heads – Kettles
Catering Urns – WC’s
Garden Sprinklers – Steam Irons
Coffee Machines – Pressure washers

and many, many more!

Restore water flow to its former glory and help extend the appliances life.



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