Linseed Oil (Flax Oil)

A great horse food supplement, can also be used for wood furnishing, cricket bat, snooker and pool cue care, and more!



Linseed Oil

(Also known as Flax Oil)

Usual uses:

  • EQUINE FOOD SUPPLEMENT : Linseed oil is a natural health supplement for horses and ponies. The oil is rich in alpha-linolenic acid, a fatty acid from the Omega-3 group of lipids. Regular feeding to horses will improve mobility, vitality, overall well-being and help produce a full, shiny coat. Linseed oil also aids digestion, particularly in horses on a diet of predominantly hard feed or straits such as barley or oats.
  • WOOD FURNISHING:Traditionally used to treat raw willow cricket bats before ‘knocking-in’, linseed oil can also be used on snooker and pool cues. When applied to wooden surfaces, the oil will soak into the pores of the wood adding a protective layer and guarding against compression damage. As the oil slowly dries, it hardens leaving a smooth, shiny finish which showcases the natural grain of the wood. For this reason, linseed oil is often used when cleaning and restoring guitars and others
  • CRICKET BATS: Apply linseed oil in a thin even layer using a soft cloth or rag. Do not oil the area around the splice (where the bat meets the handle) as this could damage the bat. Allow to dry overnight and repeat process as needed. Cricket bats will typically require multiple coats to build up a protective layer. Pay particular attention to the face, edges and heel of the bat. Do not over oil the back of the bat. Wipe away excess oil after drying. Fine grade sandpaper can be used too.
  • SNOOKER / POOL CUES: Use on bare cue shafts or previously oiled cues only. Do NOT use on lacquered cues. Apply oil with in a thin even coat using a soft cloth or rag. Do NOT allow oil to contact the tip or ferrule. Do NOT apply oil to splicing or veneers. After application, wipe off any excess oil with a paper towel or cloth and allow to dry – be patient – this can take a few days. Putty – Linseed oil can be combined with chalk powder to form a durable glazing putty that hardens

STORAGE: Store in an airtight container away from heat sources or direct sunlight. For optimum longevity keep refrigerated. Unopened containers may be stored in a freezer until needed. Under certain circumstances, linseed oil soaked cloths, rags and paper towels can spontaneously ignite. Avoid contact with oxidants such as chlorine and concentrated oxygen. Application cloths and rags soaked with linseed oil should be stored in a covered metal container filled with water and disposed of.



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