MPG (Monopropylene Glycol)

Primarily used in the production of polymers and antifreeze



Monopropylene Glycol

 Pharmaceutical Grade MPG

MPG is a clear, colourless and viscous liquid with a very characteristic odour. It is a type of solvent that is soluble in water and it also holds hygroscopic properties, which in simple terms, means it has the ability to attract had water molecules and can hold onto them. MPG is used widely in a range of industries as it has a low toxicity, not only this but it has a freezing point that is triggered when mixed with water.

Intended Uses: There are a variety of uses for MPG, some companies even produce two grades of MPG due to the high demand and also so they can supply for the vary of needs this product has. The first grade is predominantly used in the food industry, mainly for food flavouring and food colouring. It is also a classified humectant food additive (E1520). There are also many applications for this solvent in the beauty industry, particularly in personal hygiene products, such as bubble bath, shampoo, baby wipes and also moisturiser in makeup. In addition there are some uses for MPG in the pharmaceutical industry too.

Not only is MPG used for all the industries mentioned above, but it’s primary use is as an antifreeze. This is because it’s freezing point is much lower when it is mixed with water, it also uses heat transfer liquids such as engine coolants.

Health and Safety Precautions: Please take precautionary measures against static discharge, keep away from heat/ sparks/ open flames and hot surfaces. No smoking around this chemical. Please wear personal protective equipment – such as gloves, facial mask and goggles.

If this chemical is ingested, rinse the mouth with fresh running water for at least ten minutes. DO NOT induce vomiting – please seek medical attention immediately.

If this chemical is inhaled and breathing is compromised, please seek medical advice – ensure this chemical is only being used in a well ventilated environment.

If this chemical comes into contact with the skin, please rinse affected area well with clean fresh water for at least ten minutes. If pain or irritation occurs, please seek medical attestation immediately. Ensure gloves and clothes covers are used.

If this chemical comes into contact with the eyes, please rinse well with clean fresh water for at least ten minutes. If swelling or irritation occurs, please seek medical attention immediately.

Instructions for storage: Please ensure this chemical is kept in a well ventilated room, store in a cool, dry place – well sealed in it’s original container. This chemical can be hazardous and toxic if used in the wrong way. Please follow the usage instructions above to avoid harm.


There is a Material safety data sheet that can be sent via email if required.



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