King Green Non-Caustic TFR (Traffic Film Remover)

A high foaming, highly effective vehicle cleaning concentrate.



King Green Non-Caustic TFR

Chassis Cleaner & Traffic Film Remover


Not tried this before? You’re missing out. Please don’t take our word for it we would love for you to try a bottle. If you don’t agree with us that this product is THAT good, we will give you a full refund. We’re that confident you will LOVE this product

Rich, thick, dense foam, which creep into the crevices of the contaminant and expand, helping lift the dirt away from the surface allowing you to pressure wash away. Just give any stubborn areas a bit of a helping hand by agitating with a sponge

Completely Non caustic and biodegradable, safe on your skin, your paintwork, to your animals, and your land!

Covering Motor, Farming, Boating, Cleaning & Industrial Applications

The King Green range is designed to be used manually or through a power washer and remain highly effective in hot or cold, and even hard water.

Weight25.00 kg