Welcome to The Chemical Superstore website!

If you are here, the chances are you’re one of our eBay or Amazon customers or – with a bit of luck – we’re already hitting the spots on Google and you have found us via a good old fashioned web search. Either way, we’re happy to have you here on our brand new website. 

We create our own brand chemicals for various needs and we do it well. The launching of this website is quite a milestone for The Chemical Superstore. We have been a respectable online trader for many years and have over 16,000 positive reviews on our eBay store alone. Actually trading from our website is a new branch for us and one we are eager to see as our main online sales property. 

The date of writing is 29th April 2020. We still have a few bits and bobs on the website that need some attention but on the whole, we are good to go. 

Unfortunately, we are launching the website in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic. This has unfortunately caused a few knots and hiccups in our production and supply chain so we are launching with a limited product list. 148 to be precise. A huge step down from our entire in-house range of branded products numbering closer to 1900 products. 

If you happen to be looking around and can’t find something you need please do contact us. We have an easy chat feature at the bottom of every page on the website and at most times we are on hand to help. 

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you around our fantastic new shop!

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