How the Covid 19 Pandemic Is Affecting Us

In some ways, we consider ourselves lucky. This website is a brand new launch so apart from a few delays we’re lucky that we haven’t been negatively impacted by this most worrying of times.

Our eBay and Amazon stores have largely carried on as normal with the few exceptions of product line changes and of course the in-house challenge of social distancing and the safety of our staff. Due to our products being in high-demand – especially our industrial disinfectants and cleaning agents – we have had to focus in certain areas for a short period.

As with many companies, we are currently running a skeleton staff to give everyone more than enough ability to keep themselves safe while we stick maintain some sort of distribution. To cope with this we have reduced our available items. On the whole, we have been able to keep the most popular items and those of the highest need. Unfortunately, in many areas, supply chains have either dried up are at best delayed.

As we have begun to create a routine with our new range of live product lines we have become comfortable enough to go ahead with the launch of our website. Of course, with a limited product range.

This allows us to pass on our website-exclusive savings to our customers whiel also letting the SEO and social teams crack on with the very important job of making this website special 😊

If you cannot find the item you are looking for on our website, there is a good chance it is completely out of stock at this time yet we still urge you to ask us a question using the chat-box at the bottom of every page. We’re often avaiable and if not you can leave a short message to request a callback.

We apologise if our reduced product range creates any problems or inconvenience for anyone. We hope to have our full product range back up to normal in no time at all and you can rest-assured we’ll be updating our news section as and when we update our live product ranges both here and at our eBay and Amazon stores.

Thanks for reading!

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